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A matter of integrity - Excellent in every way.

The same high standards that characterize our products are also applied to the way we conduct business. By joining the UN Global Compact, we committed ourselves to upholding and actively promoting its principles with regard to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption policies. In addition, we implement initiatives aimed at safeguarding integrity on a long-term basis. We also actively contribute to maintaining integrity with measures that extend far beyond the boundaries of our company. We aim to lead the way when it comes to ensuring that business is conducted with integrity.

  • “The most important thing is that all of us — ranging from workers to Board of Management members — treat one another fairly!” Anastasia Tsiliaka, assembly gear box parts, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

  • Since 2011, the Group-wide “fairplay” campaign has provided our employees with information about integrity and compliance in 19 languages and in more than 40 countries. 

“The most important thing is that all of us — ranging from workers to Board of Management members — treat one another fairly!” Anastasia Tsiliaka, assembly gear box parts, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

Doing what is right out of conviction. Our success as a premium manufacturer is also based on maintaining a culture of integrity that encompasses shared values and a shared concept of ethical behavior.

Top performance incurs obligations. We at Daimler aim to be pioneers not only when it comes to products and services, but also with regard to integrity. Because integrity is a key issue for us, we launched a variety of measures last year to permanently embed this value in our corporate culture.

Behaving with integrity is an essential part of Daimler’s corporate culture. This culture is brought to life in our dialog with internal and external discussion partners. To maintain an ongoing dialog with our employees, workshops and other events were held in all of Daimler’s Board of Management departments and in all markets in 2012. The aim of these events was to achieve a shared understanding of what integrity actually means at Daimler, regardless of an individual’s country, department or hierarchy level. The results were incorporated into Daimler’s new Integrity Code.

The new Daimler Integrity Code. In October 2012, the Board of Management and the employee representatives signed the new Integrity Code, which incorporates employee feedback in order to ensure that it is based on a shared system of values. The code is based on the principles of fairness, responsibility, and respect for the law and for individual rights. In line with these requirements, it stipulates the principles and guidelines for everyday behavior at Daimler. It affects employees’ dealings with one another as well as with customers and business partners.

The Integrity Truck tour. In a continuation of the Integrity in Dialog initiative, the Integrity Truck toured 18 company locations in Germany between October and December 2012. In line with the slogan “Integrity gets us moving: Right of way for respect, openness and fairness,” the Integrity Truck featured an exciting, demanding and informative program for the employees at the Daimler plants. Participants were also given the opportunity to discuss integrity-related issues.

Advisory Board for Integrity and Corporate Responsibility. In September 2012, Daimler took another step in connection with its sustainable, dialog-oriented integrity strategy when it established the Advisory Board for Integrity and Corporate Responsibility. In the future, the committee will critically and constructively advise Daimler on integrity-related issues from an external perspective. The committee is composed of nine notable people who are involved with integrity-related issues. They represent the fields of science, business, politics and the media, as well as non-governmental organizations. (See Integrity and Compliance)

Business partner brochure. More than 63,000 copies of the corporate brochure “Ethical Business. Our Shared Responsibility” have been distributed to external business partners since its publication in 2012. The brochure communicates Daimler’s standards of value and ethical principles to its business partners.

(See daimler.com/sustainability/integrity)